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A Tribute to Dudley A Welch


This is a webpage dedicated to a man who was loved by many and will always be in our hearts and minds. If you did'nt have the oppurtunity to know Dudley in your lifetime you missed out on someone special. Personally speaking in the small amout of time I knew him I thought the world of him, and there's not many people that knew him would'nt feel the same way.

This is the beginning of a page using the pics I have collected myself and from a few of his friends through the great world of the computer and internet which is where I was first exposed to Dudley. If you have pictures that should be, or you would like to be on these pages please email them to me at or

One of the last things Dudley had emailed me was that he was going to get a new computer when he got home from Sturgis because he loved looking at the Weasel Webpages with music and all the pictures from the people he loved being around, well my brother this one's for you!



Any questions or comments please feel free to email me or call me

I've also added a story page for the great memories of Dudley for everyone to read, please email me a story or adventure and i'll post it for all to read




Riding Free
Dudley on the Road

Thanks to everyone for sending pictures! keep em coming!